Applying tire dressing that will give you best shine

While it is important to detail the interior and exterior of your car, it is also important to focus on the details of the vehicle. The wheels of the car are arguably one of the most important components. Likewise, the wheels have the most wear and tear on them as a part of the car. This is because the wheels are in contact with the ground on a regular basis, which makes them quite dirty and subject to plenty of hazards.

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When working to detail the wheels on your car, it is best to start with a clean car. Wash your car by either taking it to your local car wash or washing it by hand. Once the wheel surfaces have been dried, it’s time to make them shine. Use a cleaner for the wheels themselves that will make the rubber on the car shine and keep it looking its best. Once you have cleaned the rubber on the wheels, focus your attention on the hubcaps. Using a cleaner for your type of hubcap or rim, apply the cleaner with a soft rage to remove dirt, debris, or even brake dust from the surface. This will have the wheels on your car shining and looking great in no time! Then apply the tire dressing (you can find them on this review website) and wait for the dressing to dry off. Then you can drive with the dressing applied for few weeks. After that, your tire shine might go away and you have to repeat the process all over again.

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