Detailing your car: how to keep the windows clean

There are many aspects to car detailing that are important to maintain the overall positive look to your vehicle. Aside from maintain overall cleanliness by washing your car regularly, it is also important to focus on some more specific areas of the vehicle. The windows of your car can easily become quite dirty over time, which makes it important to keep them clean so you have the ability to see clearly while driving.


To begin, wash the exterior of your car thoroughly and dry it very well. Then, once the windows of your car are dry, you can clean them by hand to ensure a crystal clear surface. The best way to clean the windows of your car is with window cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Many people like to use newspaper instead of a cloth, as it leaves a streak-free shine on the window surfaces. The option is up to you as to the type of rag you wish to use on your windows.

Then, once you have cleaned the exterior of the car windows you can then shift your focus inside. Clean all of the windows from top to bottom and also focus on the windshield so you can easily see out while driving.

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