How to detail the exterior of your car

Detailing in the interior of your car is an important task, but you also need to focus on the outside of the vehicle to keep it looking its best. Sure, simply washing the outside is a great start to keeping it clean. However there are many details on the outside of the car that you should focus on to make the car look good and operate well. Here are a few ways to detail the exterior of your car.

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The best way to start is with washing the exterior of your vehicle. While many people prefer to take their cars to the local car wash, you will get a much more thorough detailing of your car if you wash it by hand. Visit your local store to purchase the right cleaner for your car and then use a simple garden hose and sponge to wash the car from top to bottom. Make sure everything is very clean and washed thoroughly on the car.

Once the car is clean, wipe it down to dry completely. Once it is dry, use a specialized cleaner for the wheels and hubcaps to clean and condition them and also to remove any brake dust that might have accumulated. If you want to go further, you can wax the car to make it shine. Then, you’ll have the best looking car on the block!

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