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O% Credit Cards 0% credit card are generally available from most providers to encourage you to sign to their card. Often the introductory 0% APR relates to purchases and balance transfers. Remember though that these offers are for a limited period before the APR changes to their standard rate which can vary from provider.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards As above there are many offers including 0%apr but some cards offer a small APR for balnce transfers for either a limited time period or sometimes for the life of the transfered amount. You could save money by transferring your current credit card balance to a card that offers an introductory 0% rate or a lower interest rate than you're currently being charged.

Bad Credit Credit Cards If you have or had an adverse (bad) credit history which you may have got from receiving CCJs, defaults, a poor credit rating late payments, or have experienced other credit problems, there are some credit card issuers that offer you a chance to get a credit card and rebuild your credit rating at fairly competitive rates of interest.

Credit Cards for Cashback or Rewards If you use your credit card more for convenience and find that you clear your balance most months then you may find that taking a cashback or reward card may be more cost effective. The annual APR may not be such an issue to you but a % of money given back to you as cashback or rewards such as air miles or shopping vouchers given to you as a % of your spend on the credit card may suit. Often those using their cards for business expenses knowing the balance is cleared each month use these cards to gain personal rewards.

Gold Credit Cards Gold credit cards offer an increased purchasing power , with higher credit limits and extended features and benefits. The benefits and features on offer will depend on the credit card company providing the gold credit card.

Platinum Credit Cards As with Gold cards these offer an increased purchasing power with higher credit limits and extended features and benefits. Generally your salary must be higher than that required in aquiring a Gold Card.


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