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Here at Best UK Life Insurance, we offer our clients the very best in Life Insurance Quotes. We offer a personal service that is fast, friendly and efficient. We care about our clients and have helped find the right finance product from insurance to mortgages, with an excellent record in customer relations. We have your interests at heart. Whether you are looking to save money on your existing life cover or are taking out a new life insurance policy for the first time let us help you find you the cheapest life insurance quote around.

Remember, all quotes are Free and you are under No Obligation at all. We source the UK market of leading life insurance providers and offer, not just the cheapest but the BEST most suitable cover having assessed your individual requirements.

Securing your dependents future, if anything should happen to you, is one of life's less enjoyable tasks. As we all know, there are tragic cases of young families finding themselves in difficulties when the main bread winner dies and has not made any provisions for their loved ones. A Level Term Assurance policy could take care of the family for many years through tax free payments.

However, it is not just a case of "what will happen if I die?" Many of us have or will at sometime endure a major illness or condition which can make it impossible to carry on working. A Critical Illness policy will pay out whilst you are incapacitated. Any long term care can also be very expensive and the policy can take care of that too, your family can then rest assured knowing you are receiving the best possible treatment.

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If you have dependents who rely on you for their welfare and are aware that others would suffer if you became so unwell you could not continue working, then the answer is 'YES'. Here at Best UK Life Insurance we provide access to level and decreasing term life insurance & life assurance products, as well as coverage for mortgage protection cover, critical illness cover, family income benefit and whole of life cover. Please feel free to browse our product information pages and complete a free online quotation request. Life insurance in the UK for life assurance and cover for UK residents at cheap rates.

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Below is a glossary of some of the terms assocaited with Life Insurance and Protection.

Level Term Assurance

A lump sum is paid out on the death of the policy holder if that death occurs before the policy comes to an end. This is the most basic type of policy and operates a fixed monthly payment and guarantees for a fixed period or term.

Decreasing Term Life Insurance & Mortgage Protection Insurance

This policy operates differently to the one above as it reduces the level of cover over the lifetime of the policy. Although the policy holder pays a fixed monthly amount. The policy is often bought in conjunction with a repayment mortgage, as the outstanding mortgage amount reduces so does the sum assured, thus reducing the cost of the policy making it a cheaper option against the Level Term Assurance.

Critical Illness Insurance

This can be the one insurance that you wished you had bought! It is an expense that you can ill afford when you are young and healthy and when cancers, heart disease and strokes seem a world away. However, with statistic showing that one in three of us is likely to get cancer, it is an expense that can, for those with a critical illness policy, really make it worth while. Once you have had a health scare or reach a certain age, this type of insurance is much harder to get. With many more people surviving a terrible illness like cancer, when the payout can be quite large, the policy holder can at least rely on the money to provide them and their dependents with financial security.

Convertible Term Assurance

These are assurance plans that have an option to convert to another type of life assurance. They would need to be offered by the same assurance provider without needing further medical evidence and can include products such as endowments.

Family Income Benefit Insurance

This is in contrast to a Death Benefit Only policy whereby the policy holders dependents are paid a lump sum on their death. A Family Income Benefit Insurance Policy pays a tax free income to the dependents of the policy holder for a fixed term which could be for 25 years. The policy can also be index linked to keep the payments in line with inflation.

Death or Earlier Critical Illness.

This policy pays out on the first event on either death or critical illness.