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In the UK there is no compulsion to have to take out Private Medical Insurance. However with the increase in the population and the increased expense in treating medical conditions plus the added demands on the NHS (PMI) Private Medical Insurance can be seen as a real alternative. Many people are now looking to specialist medical policies to cover them if they become ill or require treatment because it is a very convenient way to be treated, close to their homes and family.

The Department of Health often releases statistics that bring home the fact that although the National Health Service has reached many targets, it does struggle on an annual basis in keeping its outpatient appointment figures on target.

The figures released for the year 2000 showed that there were over two million patients waiting to see a specialist and that over a million where waiting in one month alone to be admitted for treatment.

This has encouraged over seven million people in the UK to take out Private Medical Insurance.

Taking out a private health plan allows you to take more control over your health care and if you should become unwell it hands you the choice of when and where you are treated. It is a far more convenient way to receive healthcare. If you are unfortunately in a situation where you are in pain, uncomfortable or unable to carry on your normal day to day life, the policy means immediate treatment at a choice of convenient locations.

Your hospital will generaly be smaller, closer to home and offer you the extras that make life a little more bearable, such as your own room and meals that are both edible and nutritious. If you have a condition that requires non urgent treatment, your operation will be carried out within a matter of days. More and more serious operations are being carried out in the private sector such a heart operations and hip replacements.

Although a PMI policy can not always cover for every eventuality and your advisor will be able to highlight the illnesses and treatment that falls outside the policy. There are various types of policy covering different levels and these will be outlined by your advisor who will also point out that accidents and emergency conditions which are beyond control will not be covered.





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