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Waiver of Premium


This policy is recommended alongside your Life Cover because if you were unable to continue to make payments for this cover then it would be withdrawn and you would lose the future security the policy provides.

The cover can be added to your Life/Mortgage Assurance policy to protect your policy payments.

Waiver of premium provides a means of insuring your life insurance monthly premiums, should you become ill or injured and are then unable to work during a period of ill health.

The Insurer therefore, pays the premium during this period of illness or when you are claiming benefit, by a waiver of the monthly premium charge payments until the end of the policy term, a specified age or until you are able to return to work this is most commonly a period of around six months.

Level Term Insrance

The policy will continue to be valid and paid for free of charge during long periods of disability or illness. Some insurers will not offer this particular policy to anyone over the age of 50 and due to the retirement clause it is unlikely you will be able to obtain this benefit over the age of 65.





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